warfair advocates transparency.

Here at the Open warfair page you can find more information about who we are and what we stand for.

Ethics Committee

warfair has an Ethics Committee that oversees the implementation of the ethics policies and principles, approves the due diligence reports for all products and partners, and monitors and investigates any complaints received through the complaints mechanism. See more on the page for the Ethics Committee.

Complaints mechanism

If you have complaints or feedback regarding the activities of warfair - trade, products, partners - write to Complaints will be dealt with by the Ethics Committee. Further information on the complaint mechanism can be found in warfair Complaints Mechanism - Policy and Procedure.

Due diligence reports

Due diligence reports are prepared for all products and companies. They are approved by the Ethics Committee.


warfair works for the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 1 (abolition of poverty), Goal 8 (decent jobs and economic growth), Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Responsible Institutions) and Goal 17 (Partnerships for Action). We also focus on the peacebuilding and state-building goals, in particular Goal 4 (economic progress) under the International Dialogue for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding.

warfair joins and will strive to follow the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the humanitarian principles in the Core Humanitarian Standard including the "do-no-harm" principle.

warfair supports the ILO Convention 190 (Violence and Harassment Convention) to prohibit, prevent and protect against violence and abuse including sexual assault and abuse.

warfair is a member of and will strive to follow the recommendations from the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade

warfair will seek to apply international anti-corruption standards including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 205: Anti-corruption) and reporting practices from the Global Compact

warfair will prepare due diligence reports for each product and partner based on the above policies and the standards prepared by the OECD/FAO and taking into account the special conditions in conflict zones including the recommendations from International Alert. 

warfair will not trade or cooperate with companies or partners, who do not comply with the warfair Sanction Policy.

warfair will not receive donations or financial contributions who do not comply with the warfair Donation Policy.


The annual report and annual accounts will be made available here on the website.


warfair will be climate neutral. The emissions will be compensated through additional tree planting at the company's home, the farm Vejgaard. The climate accounts will be made available here on the website.

Around the company

warfair is a family-owned company started by Karin and Christian Friis Bach, who, 25 years ago, was also some of the key actors behind the start-up of the Fair Trade movement in Denmark. 

warfair ApS (business registration no. DK40934731, click here to see the registration) is owned by the holding company Vejgaard Holding ApS (business registration no. 40930078, click here for registration), which is 100% owned by the Friis Bach family. The activities are to a large extend undertaken by volunteers including the members of the Ethics Commité, warfair volunteers and with support from the warfair friends

For ideas, comments or further information please contact us.