You can buy warlike products in the warfairerthe above and the following resellers :

  • Present packets and meeting facilities for companies (B 2-B) : No Habitat on Mars.
  • Goods from Ziba Foods, Afghanistan at Old Holm Copenhagen.
  • Bread and cookies made with a warclean product at Collective Backery,Nørrebrogade 176, 2200 Copenhagen.
  • Coffee from Yemen : Coffee Collective (pt. Sold, come back in May 2021 after next harvest)
  • Almonds in shells and pine nuts from Afghanistan Basis Nuts
  • Saffron from Afghanistan. Irma.
  • Lanterns from Yemen atLittle Sun. In Denmark purchases via the warfaireror at Policy Plus.

Are you a dealer, a store or a restaurant, and you want to buy and sell our warfair products, then write to us on