We must continue to trade for peace and prosperity in Afghanistan


The development in Afghanistan has gone very quickly, and we are in close contact with the Afghan companies we trade with in warfair.

Taliban has now taken over control in virtually the whole country. It creates concern and insecurity, but along with our business partners we breathe eased that it has happened without violent struggles and loss of human life.

The future of the Afghan population is uncertain. And the future of our business partners in Herat, Mazar-in-Sharif and Kabul is also uncertain. However, Taliban has signaled to the companies that they want them to continue and no one has been attacked.

Afghanistan is another country today than it was 20 years ago (see chronicle) And we hope - with everything we can - for a better future for the hard-tried population.

If at all possible we will continue to buy goods from our good Afghan business partners. It is what the companies urge us to do. We owe it to the employees and farmers who work so hard to make the unique quality products. The Afghan population will continue to be in need of income and jobs. And trading with good Afghan companies and products will show that we do not fail the Afghan population.

We still believe that through trade can give a small but positive contribution to peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

Thank you for trading for peace.

Yours sincerely

In the first 4 months of 2021 warfiar more than doubled, Danish imports from Afghanistan.

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