Ramadan campaign.

Christmas gifts. Easter eggs. Ramadan package. Faith can move mountains. We believe that trade can contribute to peace and prosperity.

By idea and on the initiative of the creative agency, Liberate Agency., today we have launched a Ramadan campaign. We thus continue the tradition of marking the festivals.

In this spiritual time for Danish Muslims, we will tell about how we act for peace in war-affected countries.

We will focus on how we through trade can help help women and men in areas characterized by war in supporting their families and sending their children to school.

In connection with the campaign, we have madeRamadan packageWith goods that both do well for the meal after the fast and contribute to income and jobs in Afghanistan, DR Congo and Burkina Faso.

PurchaseThe one in the Warfair storeAnd steadily support for peace. Happy Ramadan

Many thanks to  Liberate Agency. for the good backing.