warfair volunteers

A number of volunteers support the work. Meet them downstairs. Members of the the Ethical Committee; volunteer work.

Junior Sikabwe.
Chocolate and other products from the DRC
Junior Sikabwe is the owner and director of J. Consulting pt. Based in Goma, DRC. He used to be a consultant at UBIFRANCE. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Moumouni Marah Abani.
Products from Niger
Marah, from Niger, holds an M.Sc. in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School and is passionate about promoting socio-economic development through the upgrading of value chains and international trade. Through his studies he has worked at Roskilde University, Danish Institute of Human Rights and Copenhagen Business School.

Jesper Buhl.
freight and freight;
Jesper is senior communications advisor to King Street Denmark and trade analyst to BullPositions. Formerly employed in shipping, Maersk and Rambullll.
Lecturer at CBS Shipping Bachelor in the Commodity Trade Flows and Shipping elective.

Teresa Ha.
nuts and dried fruit,
Teresa Ha has worked for the World Bank and the UN since 2006 and has been posted to Russia, Afghanistan and Myanmar. She's originally from New York, but she's been living in Copenhagen since 2014.

Fine Coasts

policies and standards;
Finland has a Master of Global Development from the University of Copenhagen and has worked as Project Monitoring Evaluation Officer of the Alliance por la Solidaridad in Colombia and as research assistant at Copenhagen Business School.

Mette Burmeister Clemmensen
communication and press;
Put it when. From the University of Copenhagen, he has worked in communication and the press for many years, including in places such as Denmark's Enterprise, the Region of the Sea, the South Coast of Denmark and the Cevea think tank. Traveled all over the world.

Makaren Ibrahim
Syria, Iraq
Makarem holds a Bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Damascus in Syria and a laboratory and nursing degree from Denmark. She has worked at the slaughterhouse's research institute as interpreter and handicapped helper and made Iraqi television and radio.

Mr Peter Madsen-Mygdal
Peter works at the Club in Copenhagen and is an eminent web designer, organizer and builder. He created warfair's first professional website and was crucial to the entire launch.

Faiza Mohudin Mohamed.
Agricultural engineer specializing in Buildings and Agro Technology, Aarhus Business Academy. Has a professional bachelor in agriculture specializing in the environment and nature. Fountain of GeedHoostiis (Under the Tree).

Setara Nigar Hassan.
Setara has a Master from Copenhagen Business School, she is the vice chair of Mission East and has worked for Corporate Sustainability Consultants, Australia, CCOCD, Zan TV and Euro-Asia Trade Point.

Sadia Bundgaard.
Sadia has a Masters from the University of California, Berkely. Global emergency coordinator at the Danish Refugee Council. She has previously worked for ICRC, Save the Children and OXFAM.

Pia Jensen.
Head of Resilient Housing Market Systems at Habitat for Humanity International. Formerly worked for UNICEF, UNHCR, Mercy Core and DACAAR in Afghanistan with saffron to replace opium.

Vibe Jensen.
Agronom, certified CSR Adviser for Corporate Social Responsibility, former Business Developer for Foresters. Vibe has lived and worked in Mozambique, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Mali, Vietnam and Brazil.

Felix Freieslleben.
Felix is studying biotechnology at DTU. He's been traveling and reading in South America.

Sigurd Hartkorn Platelet
Sigurd is a writer, podcaster and mediator. He has published three books, most recently "The Monk of Nordhavn" in Golden Valley. In addition to his writing, Sigurd has been Press Director of the Distortion Festival, the HAVEN Festival and the Techfestival, as well as on the jury for the Danish Art and Culture Award, Artbeat.

Mr Jan Rasmussen
Jan has the graphic company TOMBOLA, which develops multidisciplinary design companies that develop interactive universes, books, identities, posters and so on. Other works with visual design for Noma, Carhartt, Techfestival, MAD, Restaurant 108 and many others.
Watch more tombolacph.dk

Christian Friis Bach.
Christian has been saying for many years that one day he would'import pomegranates from Afghanistan'. This is the dream he is now trying to pursue with warfair. Christian was committed to starting the Fair Trade movement in Denmark twenty years ago and has worked on peace and state building both as Danish Minister for Development, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and in humanitarian organisations.
Watch more friisbach.dk or on LinkedIn.