warfair employees

Christian Friis Bach.
Founder and director (part time)
Christian has travelled during many years in countries affected by conflict and this led to the idea behind warfair, which he established in 2019 together with his family. Christian has a master in agronomy and a Ph.D. in international economics and trade. He was 25 years ago behind the establishment of the Fair Trade movement in Denmark and has worked with peace and state building, both as a Danish Minister of Development, Under-Secretary-General in the United Nations and in Humanitarian Organizations.
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Maria Kronberg Nedergaard.
Managing Manager (Part Time)
Maria employed as a part-time management manager and takes care of finance, administration and organization. In addition to Warfair, she is PA at the IT University in Copenhagen and has previously been a coordinator of the International Secretariat in the Danish Refugee Council. She has been external lecturer at Roskilde University and program employee in Dacaar. Has a Master in international development studies from Roskilde University and a diploma in management from the High School metropolis.
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Makarem Ibrahim.
Packaging and advice on the Middle East (part-time)
Makarem is on early retirement but helps warfair with packaging and counseling part time. She has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Damascus University of Syria and a laboratory education and a nursing education from Denmark. She has worked in the slaughterhouse's research institute and as an interpreter and disability assistant and made Iraqi television and radio.

Narin Kassem
Packing and cleaning
Narin is Syrian refugee with stay in Denmark along with her husband and four children. She is in Job Practic at Warfair and stands for repackaging and cleaning.

In addition, one helps Warfair volunteerswith a number of tasks.