Sesame from Somalia

Country: Somalia
Product:Sesame, white, peeled
Corporation:  As Seed Agri Ltd.
PartnerSomali Agriculture Technical Group (Satg)
Due Diligence report: Behold Open.
Dealer: Rollemøllen. (Expected)

About Sesame from Somalia

Somalia has historically produced some of the finest sesame.

And Sesame is now one of the largest and most important exports from Somalia where the conflict hopefully is running out. Sesame is a very robust and stable crop for farmers in Somalia.

However, production has been unstable and underdeveloped and far mostly sold via Dubai. An increased and extended access to the European market will be important and encouraging Somalia and for farmers in Somalia. It can pave the way for increased investment, income and jobs.

In cooperation with Somali Agriculture Technical Group (Satg) and the business As Seed Agri Ltd We work to import Sesame seeds to Denmark / EU from Somalia. In Denmark, we collaborate with the roller mill as continuously assess quality.

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About Somalia

Somalia has experienced conflict for almost three decades with serious human consequences and uncertainty. Half a million people are estimated to have been killed and millions have fled internally or abroad.

The formation of the peace operation (AMISOM) under the UN and the African Union and the establishment of a federal government in 2012 has led to a fragile but positive development in the war-torn country. Of the population of just over 12 million people living over 40%, however, in extreme poverty and about 5 million are dependent on relief.

Somalia deserves to gain increased trade and investment to support fragile progress towards peace and prosperity.