Sesame product description

Sesame seeds from Somalia

Data Sheet:

Sesame seeds, shelled, premium 99,98%




As Seed Agri Ltd.

Imported in cooperation with


Lot no.




packing wholesale

Paper bags 25 kg


Item number


1 kg




500 grams





sesame seedsshelled

Nutritional information per. 100 g


2781 kJ / 673 kcal


59.9 g

- of which saturated fatty acids

6.66 g


2.1 g

- of which sugars

0.2 g


27.4 g


7.9 g


0.03 g

May contain traces of nuts. Does not contain GMO.

Best before: February 2022. Keep dry and cool.



Our sesame been tested by the book and contains no pesticide residues (ethylene oxide <0.01. See quality analysis below). The goal is to FSSC 22000 certified Somali sesame. At the base there is the prospect that it will be this year 2021 or beginning of 2022. This will include create a stronger impetus for increased exports, a more optimal process in the expansion of new import collaborations and training of staff at the factory As Seeds Agri.

See this product specification and quality analysis of our sesame


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In Somalia is a proud tradition of production of sesame high quality. There are particularly favorable soil -and climatic conditions for the production of sesame in Somalia, but because of the high level of conflict and corruption, the international trade in sesame difficult.

It is warfair's mission to provide Somali sesame the place it deserves in the European market and thereby create jobs and income in Somalia. Workplaces that not only gives local people a source of income, but also makes it more difficult for extremist organizations to recruit young men because young men are stronger if they have jobs. Furthermore, based investments in the private sector resilience and innovation in the fragile and conflict-affected country.

As the company Seed Agri

The Somali sesame we sell at warfair, purchased by SomSeed Agri in Mogadishu. SomSeed Agri collector and export sesame from Somali agriculture and has 30 women and men employed at the factory. Meet here a few of them:

Amina Ali is 30 years and mother of six children. Amina quality tests sesame seeds before they are packed. She tells "Before I got a job at The Seed I was a housewife and took care of my six children. We lived on a low income and not in good conditions. I have learned much about food quality since I joined - I even used my knowledge in my own home and are now more conscious about what my kids are eating. "

Ismail Jamais 21 years old and has developed his skills at The Seed;"I used to work to harvest crops. I wanted to make something different, learn new skills and develop myself. When I first came to The Seed, I made the markings on the bags after a few months I was promoted to pack and store . I now account for the registration of the produced bags. I record the number of produced bags and enter this in the system. I am happier and learn more, who knows, maybe I come to stand for a whole department. I am grateful, As the Seed has confidence in me and continue to train me in new skills, such as IT and gives me many opportunities. "

As Seed Agri, an ambitious food business is aimed at reducing unemployment in Somalia and continuously educating and upgrading their employees. The company that shooting Sesam is the first of its kind in Somalia and aims particularly in the European North American and Japanese market. Unfortunately, many high-end markets are unknown with the high quality of Somali Sesame, but this is changing, as SEEDS collaborates with some of the largest import companies by Sesame in Europe. At the present basis, collaborates as SEEDS with 9000-10000 "Out Growers", ie. Manufacturers and suppliers of Sesame in Somalia. A number we expect will increase as we set aside more Somali Sesame in the European market.
The company's export capacity is approx. 740 tonnes a month, but change month to month according to demand, which comes primarily from the EU. However, the production and number of employees are expected to increase twice, once another production unit is installed at the factory. An important part of as SEEDS 'development strategy.

Below are farmers starting to harvest Sesame (TV), as well as the owner and director of as Seed Ahmed Farah and his daughter Lubna Farah (Th) who work with sales and marketing with the company.



The use and benefits of sesame are diverse. The small seeds have a large concentration of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and are rich in antioxidants, proteins and fibers. In addition, they also contain calcium and iron.

Sesame can be used to make Tahin, which sprinkles in pastries and wok dishes and in, for example, granola.