Saffron from Afghanistan.

Country: Afghanistan,
Products:Saffron, ninth grade.
Company:Afghanistan Saffron Company, (Herat Saffron)
Partner: International Trade Center
Due diligence report: See Open.
Trader: Karlsen's spices and Irma.Yeah. Also sold in warfair store.

About saffron

Afghanistan produces some of the finest saffron in the world. The Afghan saffron has won international awards and is often referred to as'the red gold of Afghanistan'. However, after decades of war in Afghanistan, production has fallen and trade in saffron to Europe has largely stopped.

Together with Karlsen's spices In Denmark we now have saffron from farmers in Afghanistan to Denmark. We have imported the first two kilo s sold in Irma and the next three kilos are on their way.

Good 2/3 of farmers have been refugees in the past, but have now returned home. The production of saffron provides them with an income and helps them pay tuition for their children. At the same time, saffron is a high-value crop which can replace the harmful production of opium and therefore contributes, in more than one way, to peace, income and stability in Afghanistan.

In any case, it is a success story and Afghanistan needs it.

Afghanistan Saffron Company (trading name Herat Saffron) has received support from the United Nations International Trade Center to be certified both ISO and HACCP. There has also been a Danish contribution to saffron production: the Danish organisation DACAAR was actively involved in the start of saffron production, including through support for over 200-year-old farmers and women in the Saffron Association of Barnabad. They have contributed to the production of the saffron we sell in Denmark.


Read the impact report made by the International Trade Center on saffron production here:

ITC Impact Sheet: Safran from Afghanistan

Watch video from Afghanistan Saffron Company/Herat Saffron with the entire production process here:

About Afghanistan

Afghanistan has suffered war and conflict for up to forty years, where hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions driven to flee. The fighting has had a devastating effect on Afghan society, with insecurity, widespread poverty and a lack of basic social services in large parts of the country.

Of the total population of more than 35 million people, more than a third live in extreme poverty and over six million depend on emergency aid.

The Afghans are extremely resilient, but they desperately need trade, jobs and income. It can help them get saffron production.