Pine Nuts from Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan
Item:Wild Jalghoza Pine Nuts
Company: Setara Dry Fruits & Nuts Processing
Dealer: Basic Nuts 

photo @setara

About pine nuts

Afghanistan produces some of the finest nuts, grains and dried fruits. warfair cooperates with the Afghan company Setara Dry Fruits and Nuts Processing and with Basic Nuts in Denmark on the import of Afghan pine nuts into Denmark.

The Jalghoza pine, photo @setara

There are only a few varieties of pine trees from which pine nuts can be produced. The Jalghoza pine nuts from Afghanistan come from the naturally growing pines of the Hindu Kush mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pine nuts are the seeds of the pine trees and are harvested in a thick, dark need to be removed manually by hand. The cones are collected by families and gently heated until the seeds fall out.

processing of pine nuts, photo @setara

The Jalghoza pine nuts from Afghanistan are rarely found in Europe. They are extra large, very flavorful and melt in the mouth with a butter and floral flavor. They are good for pesto, salads, cakes or as snacks..

Production contributes to the creation of jobs and incomes. This is sorely needed in Afghanistan.

About Afghanistan

Afghanistan has suffered from war and conflict for up to 40 years, with hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced. The fighting has had a devastating effect on Afghan society, with insecurity, widespread poverty and a lack of base social services in large parts of the country.

Of the total population of just over 35 million people, more than a third live in extreme poverty and over six million are dependent on emergency aid.

Afghans are extremely resilient but urgently need trade, jobs and income.