Nuts and dried fruit from Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan.
Product: Almonds, apricots, pistachios, raisins and dried mulberry
Corporation: Ziba Foods.
Partner: International Trade Center
Due Diligence Report: See Open.
See also Impact Assessment.

Ziba Foods Staff, photo @zibafoods

About nuts and dried fruit from Afghanistan

Afghanistan is known for producing some of the finest nuts, cores and dried fruits. The special climate and the dry, high mountains provide taste and power to the crops. Many nuts and dried fruits come from trees that grow wild in nature.

Warfair collaborates with Ziba Foods.islandM.To import the products to Denmark. Ziba Foods produces nuts and dried fruits that are nutritious, cultivated sustainably and socially responsibly.

(Flowering almond trees, photo @zibafoods)

(Flowering almond trees, photo @zibafoods)

The company works directly with less agriculture and cooperative associations in Afghanistan and purchases products of the highest quality. They are sorted by hand and live up to the highest food standards.

Warfair and Ziba Foods work to restore Afghanistan as a world-renowned supplier of nuts and dried fruits.

(pistachios, photo @zibafoods)

Read the IMPACT report as the International Trade Center has made about the production of almonds and cores here:

ITC IMPACT SHEET: Ziba Foods from Afghanistan

About Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has suffered from war and conflict in up to 40 years, when hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions driven on the run. The fighting has had a completely devastating effect on Afghan society with uncertainty, widespread poverty and lack of basic social benefits in large parts of the country.

Of the total population of just over 35 million people living more than one third in extreme poverty and over six million are dependent on relief.

The Afghans are extremely resistant, but in need of trade, jobs and income.

(Berries and walnuts, photo @zibafoods)