Licorice from Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan
Item: Licorice root (50% peeled) or powder.
Company: SHADIAN
Dealer: Forthcoming, available in webshop.

About licorice from Afghanistan

Licorice root from Afghanistan is considered one of the world's best for the licorice taste due to the special climate and the cultivation in the mountains at an altitude of over 800 meters. The liquorice root has a high content (5.5-6%) glycyrrhizic acid, which is the primary sweet ingredient in liquorice root.

Warfair is working with the Afghan company SHADIAN to get liquorice root from Afghanistan to Denmark. Danes are among the world's largest producers and consumers of liquorice products.

SHADIAN buys the liquorice root from farmers in northeastern Afghanistan (wakhan corridor) and north of Afghanistan and processes the roots at the factory in Mazār-e Sharīf. The company tries to promote sustainable diving of licorice root and trains farmers in good methods of planting, harvesting and watering.

Liquorice root from Afghanistan can create jobs for both farmers and factory workers. SHADIAN has created about 120 direct jobs and 5-600 indirect jobs. 80% of the employees are women.

See the Due-Diligence report for Licorice from Afghanistan approved by our Ethics Committee and visit our Open warfair page for more information.

About Afghanistan

Afghanistan has suffered from war and conflict for up to 40 years, with hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced. The fighting has had a devastating effect on Afghan society, with insecurity, widespread poverty and a lack of base social services in large parts of the country.

Of the total population of just over 35 million people, more than a third live in extreme poverty and over six million are dependent on emergency aid.

Afghans are extremely resilient but urgently need trade, jobs and income.