Lanterns from Yemen

Country: Yemen
Product: Historic lanterns with solar lamp
Producer: The silversmith in the old city of Sana'a
Partner: The Yemen Journey
 Little Sun. & warfair webshop.

About the lanterns

Yemen is known for its unique craftsmanship. This lantern will give a unique ambiance to any home or garden.

The lanterns are designed and manufactured by traditional silversmiths and artists, both women and men, in the old city of the capital Sana'a. They can be used both inside and out, and provide a beautiful light that is filtered through the thin fabric and gives beautiful light patterns through the bottom. and the top produced by copper.

Production of the acclaimed and beloved lanterns from Yemen stopped when Yemen was isolated due to the war. Customers disappeared and the price of copper rose markedly. together with Yemen Journey, warfair re-established the production and started importing the lanterns directly to the EU.

It is done in collaboration with Little Sun. and the solar cell lamp Little Sun Diamond has been integrated into the design. It will provide a unique combination of historical handicrafts from Yemen and a modern climate-friendly light source.

Watch a video of the production here produced by Yemen Journey.

About Yemen

After decades of instability, since 2011 Yemen has experienced a devastating war in which tens of thousands have been killed and millions internally displaced.

About 24 million, out of a total population of just over 28 million, need emergency assistance and close to two-thirds of the population live in extreme poverty.

The Yemenis deserve and are in dire need of trade, jobs and income.