Chocolate from Congo (DRC)

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Product: Dark chocolate, 63% cocoa (100 g) and milk chocolate, 38% cocoa (100 g)
Company: Virunga Origins registered under “Virunga Chocolat SARL
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About the chocolate from Congo (DRC)

A unique quality chocolate produced in eastern Congo (DRC) by a company established in connection to the Virunga National Park with the help of some of Belgium's leading chocolate experts.

It is a chocolate that contributes to sustainability, peace and prosperity in one of the areas of the world that is and has been hardest hit by both conflict, poverty and disease with both Ebola and Corona.

The cocoa beans are bought by farmers and women around the chocolate factory and thus help to support the protection of the national park.

The chocolate is made with local labor, a large proportion of whom are young women who have lost their husbands as they worked as park rangers in the Virunga National Park. The area continues to be dominated by lawless and criminal groups attacking both villages and the guards of the national park.

The profit from the production of chocolate goes 100% Virunga National Park - 50% is used for nature conservation and 50% to create development in the surrounding communities.

The idea is therefore, in line with the warfair vision, to contribute to peace in the area by ensuring employment for young people in particular and keeping them away from the armed groups by giving them new opportunities. Through the purchase of cocoa for the production of chocolate, it is also ensured that the money from the cocoa beans does not finance further conflict.

As they write on the back of the chocolate package: "It’s simple. When you buy our chocolate, the farmers around the Virunga National get happy. The rangers get happy. Our gorillas and other wildlife get super happy. And when you take that first bite, you will be extremely happy too
That’s what we call Double Happiness! "

There are two types of chocolate:

100 grams Dark Chocolate bars , 63% cocoa, single origins DRC & Bean to bar
100 grams Milk Chocolate bars, 38% cocoa, single Origins RDC & bean to bar

About the Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world, with over 2/3 of the population living in extreme poverty. 4 out of 10 children are malnourished and malnourished.

The political situation has been unstable and large parts of the country have been affected by conflict. It was particularly bad in the period from 1998-2003 in what is called the "Second Congolese War" where internal groups and eight African countries fought with and against each other inside DR Congo. It is estimated that over five million Congolese lost their lives during the brutal war.

The eastern DR Congo, where Virunga National Park is located, and the chocolate comes from, is still hard hit by conflict with over 130 armed groups who commit brutal assaults on the local villages and also target the park rangers who try to protect the national park.

DR Congo is at the bottom of virtually all rankings, including human development, infrastructure, corruption, and the ability to start and run a business. Therefore, the establishement of Virunga Chocolate Sarl is an impressive achievement created under difficult conditions and a bright spot of hope for the local communities.