Unique nuts from Afghanistan

Afghanistan was, before the long lasting war, world-renowned for unique nuts, almonds, cores and dried fruits. Today, they are rarely sold in Europe. Warfair will have the products back on the market and restore Afghanistan's brand as a manufacturer of high quality nuts, almonds and cores.

Therefore, we have a strip very special and delicious products on the way. Jaghoza pine nuts, shakhurbai almonds both with and without soft shells and sweet apricots. More products come.

They are grown in Afghanistan's semi-arid mountains - on the brink of the Himalayan mountain range. The dry and nutrient-poor land in the high areas gives cores, nuts and almonds a strong and unique taste.

They are especially grown by farmers with small plots, which gently reap, cleans and sort the nuts in hand. It provides both income and jobs. This is needed in Afghanistan.

Two of the products can already be purchased at Basic Nuts. And more will follow our Warfair shop.