Tasty sesame from Somalia

Just over 20 years ago, Somalia was one of Africa's largest producers of sesame. But as the conflict with the al-Shabab terrorist movement seriously erupted, production and exports fell sharply. It is now slowly returning and Somalia's farmers are producing good and flavorful sesame.

We have been working on this sesame for the last six months to get to Denmark. After much difficulty and a little help from the Danish Embassy in Nairobi, we have received samples from a number of companies and we have tested and tested the samples together with Rolling mill.

We have now found a good business in Somalia, As Seed Agrithat can deliver good and tasty sesame. The final hurdle is getting the company certified according to the international food standard, HACCP. We have started this process together with the company and an international certification agency. With a little luck, the certification is ready in the first quarter of 2021 and then we can order the first container of sesame seeds.

Hope you'll welcome you.