Pinecs from Afghanistan

There are only a few varieties of pine trees from which they can produce torment-eater. The Jalghoza Pagans of Afghanistan come from the natural-growing pine trees in the Hindu Kush mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The consignees are collected by families like risting them on fire to get the nuts to open up, so that the thick darkness can be removed and the seed is collected. It's laborious and manual labor.

In Afghanistan, we work with the company Setara Dry Fruits and Nuts Processingwhich guarantees employment for mainly women at the plant in Kabul. The Pinecks therefore make an important contribution to the income and jobs in Afghanistan.

The Jalghoza agendas from Afghanistan are rarely found in Europe. They're extra large, very tasteful, and they melt in the mouth with a butter and flower-like taste. They're good with pesto, salads, cakes, or snacks.

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