Licorice powder for Danish quality licorice

After a year of work of warfair, the world famous Danish licorice producer, Lakrids by Bülow., one month ago ordered their first delivery of licorice powder from Shadian. in Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan. We are very pleased.

DR journalist Puk Damsgård has visited Shadian and seen the licorice production and spoken to the women who, with some fear, are back at work. The result is an exciting feature which can be seen here.

Just as the order was finished the airport and DHL Express closed down in Kabul. We hope we can get the order soon. And that we can soon get the taste from Afghanistan in some of the world's best licorice.

They thin and peeled licorice roots for candy, food or tea can already be purchased in warfair store.