The women are back at work

Today, a plane lands with goods from Afghanistan in Copenhagen Airport. It has been a cumbersome journey by truck from Kabul to Tashkent, but it succeeded! It is the first of two major consignments. We have now again mulberry, shakurbai almonds, walnuts and many other unique Afghan quality goods.

Last week, we held together with Danish industry the first Afghanistan private sector event ever. There were good news from the three companies we shop. The women are back at work. The purchasers are in full swing buying in from farmers throughout Afghanistan. The employees are busy cleaning, sorting and packing. There are great administrative and logistical challenges, but all companies tell of less corruption and much better security.

The three companies we trade in, Ziba Foods, Shadian and Afghanistan Saffron Company creating income and work for several thousand people in Afghanistan.

Thank you for acting for peace.

Yours sincerely