A container with coffee to South Korea

After a persistent effort of our partner Yemen Journey  we now have a container with top quality Yemenitic coffee on the way to South Korea. It is the first major business order outside Europe that warfair helps to ensure.

The coffee comes from the well-known coffee farmer Ghalib Ahmed al-Hamasi, Hadda in the Haraz region and has a cupping score of over 88, which is very high.

It was the South Korean special coffee business Coffee libre who heard about the yemeni coffee through warfair and our Danish partner Coffee Collective. After many challenges, there are now over two tons of quality coffee at a value of total approx. 400,000 DKK on the way.

It creates revenue and jobs in Yemen and hopefully joy amongst South Korean coffee lovers.

We also get top quality Yemenitic coffee to Denmark in collaboration with Yemen Journey.. The container to Denmark should depart within a short time and the coffee is ready for September, we hope.