Chocolate from Congo (DRC)

We did it. We can present a very special commodity today : Quality of quality of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A unique and tachorus of quality-chocolate produced in eastern Congo (DRC) of a company established in relation to Virunga National Park and with the help of the most advanced chocolate-experts in Belgium.

Chocolate comes from one of the areas in the world that has been and has been hardest hit by both conflict, poverty and disease with both Ebola and the corona, the chocolate production of the production of sustainability, peace and prosperity.

Like they're writing on the chocolate-wrapping :

" It's simple. When you buy the chocolate, the farmers will be around the Virunga National Park happy. The guards in the park will be happy. The gorillas and the rest of the wildlife will be happy. And when you take the first bite, you'll be extremely happy, too. That's what we call double joy! "

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